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UV-4 The Unseen Twist

Game of Thrones Finale

Headcanon Extended Scene


My theory behind the comic is as follows:

Bran/ The Three Eyed Raven can warg dragons.

- He warged Rhegal during the fight with the Night King. It was Jon Snow's second time riding a dragon.

- He warged Drogon during the attack on Kings Landing

   - Way better at dodging scorpion fire.

   - She is not shown saying "Dracarys" during After the Bells, which is odd. I may have missed it but she definitely didn't say it initially and was making a b-line for the Red Keep up til then.

- Drogon melted the Iron Throne, which is odd since the dragons haven't shown as much intelligence as they have in other settings. It also makes Bran a strangely logical choice as he brings his own.

(this last one is where it kind of falls apart as his eyes weren't changed, though when he has warged through time there isn't a change in eye color and he has shown that he can change time so maybe he did it after and my brain hurts I hate time travel logic)

Might all be nonsense, but made experience of the last episode far more enjoyable than it would have been.

Feel free to let me know what you think,

... but keep it classy or be deleted.