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Origin of this Comic

It was back in 2007 (or so) when I was reading a bunch of webcomics and thought to myself that I should try to do my own. Quickly found that I could not do it on my own as I lacked the skill to make and update a webpage. Two kind friends at different stages of the project helped me out, for which I will always be grateful... but having to ask such favors led me to give in to my procrastination, which in turn was the eventual end of that attempt. It only lasted 6 issues, which I re-posted and is Here: Suspended Reality

As the years past I just could not get the comic out of my head. Occasionally I would write a comic idea or two down on my computer. The autobiographical format of the comic warped and mutated into something a bit stranger. In short it seemed to have a life of its own. I began to realize that if I didn't try again that I would regret it for the rest of my life. Luckily technology and commerce had caught up with my continued lack of web design knowledge. I tried several different do-it-yourself web sites and found one that I liked, which was Wix. Note: They haven't given me any incentive for that statement, it is simply the truth... though I wouldn't turn down a discount.

So here we are. Hopefully my procrastination won't slow things down too often and if it does know that I am very sorry and incredibly annoyed at falling behind.

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